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Christopher Misztur

I am a professional wildlife photographer from Sydney, Australia.  

From a very young age, I have been fascinated by wild life and nature. My passion has been realized through the art of photography. I love nothing more than getting behind my lens to photograph wildlife all over the world. In recent years, the African wildlife has become my life and my canvas. I truly believe that every creature has a story to tell which I hope to capture by way of photography. I love all creatures big and small. It is my mission to tell their stories through my photography. 

Breathtaking animal photos open our minds and hearts to the existence and survival of each creature on earth. Through my work, I hope to inspire greater appreciation for the wildlife that shares our planet. Furthermore, it is my greatest desire to encourage conservation action. I firmly believe that Earth is home to many species and we all should treat each other with love and respect. 


I hope you enjoy my photos which capture the personalities and feelings of all creatures, as much as I do.


The Australian Photography January 2019

My African cats portfolio, has received a Highly Commended award in the Wildlife and Animal category.

451-Highly Commended-1

Africa's Photographer of the Year 2018, December 2018 

My image has been chosen by  judges as a runner up in the 'Wildlife Portraits' category of Africa's Photographer of the Year and has been in top 20 finalists entered into the final of Africa's Photographer of the Year 2018 overall winner.


UK Daily Mirror

UK Daily Mirror Publication of my image Monday 07/05/2018 on page 21(Masai Mara famous four of five Musketeers)

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