R.I.P. Lipstick 2018. Another icon of the Maasai Mara has passed away.

12 February 2018

An iconic African lion was found dead on Saturday morning 19th May 2018 after having been injured several months ago. Lipstick, who was approximately 13years old, was found dead on the plains of the Maasai Mara.

He was part of 4km coalition boys with Blackie. His front leg was severely injured in February, and as a result, he could not keep up with his pride nor did he have enough to eat.

Here are the photos from February when Lipstick was already limping on his front leg but still was able to remain with Blackie and their pride.

It is so sad to lose another beautiful animal in Masai Mara this year. Let’s hope that Blackie can stay with his pride by himself and not be challenged by the other lions. It would be such a loss to lose them both in one year.

Christopher Misztur Photography


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